What's having therapy like?

Therapy is a journey

I think of therapy as a journey of the self. When you take your therapeutic journey with me, I will walk the path of exploration, healing and growth with you, whatever we find on the way and wherever it takes us. I will have your back and I will stay the course with you, always holding your best interests in mind. My aim is for you to arrive on a path that is less full of suffering and dysfunction. In a safe, confidential* and non-judgemental space we will explore your memories, beliefs, assumptions, feelings, body sensations and style of relating. By making new connections and gaining new insights into your past and present experience, I will assist you to develop the inner resources you need to move forward.

On this therapeutic journey, sometimes the focus will be on you and sometimes it will be on ‘us’. This is because I believe that our deepest emotional and psychological wounds occur in relationships, and that is where they heal. Gentle, non-judgemental exploration in a safe therapeutic relationship yields important insights, healing and growth, particularly in the areas of self-esteem, confidence and relationships.


My role as your therapist

 I consider my role as your therapist to involve walking your path with you, whatever we find on the way and wherever it takes us. I deeply trust your innate healing process and I will not force you down roads you are not willing or able to go.  With an able, committed and trusted guide the biggest of problems becomes easier to address and the hardest of journeys becomes easier to take. No matter what the path looks like I will stay by your side, assisting you develop the resources you need to walk forward in life with more ease, capacity and confidence.

Your role as the client

The more commitment you make to your therapy journey, the more you will benefit from it. Making a conscious commitment to your individual path of healing and personal growth is helpful, as is a willingness to explore in sessions what feels challenging. The journey is yours though and your choices are the foundation of our therapeutic work together throughout.

What does a session usually involve?

  • At the start we will agree a focus for the session, led by your input. 

  • Sessions are a combination of discussion and experiential work. We will explore the agreed focus, and see where our discussion leads us. I will use therapeutic skills to help you explore your thoughts, feelings, memories and beliefs. This process will assist you to access your innate intelligence, make new connections, and move towards healing, wholeness and a new way of being.

  • At the end of the session we will spend some time wrapping up so you have time to step into your everyday self before going back out into the world.

* There are some legal exceptions to confidentiality and I will make you aware of these.